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Insect Killer Bolt 315.4% Ew  - 500ml

Insect Killer Bolt 315.4% Ew - 500ml

Bolt is a robust two active ingredient insecticide with different modes of action. It has excellent penetration into the maize funnel where the larvae feed on. Bolt is a contact, stomach and respiratory insecticide that has an excellent knockdown effect.
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Notes & Further Information:

  • Apply from the hatching peak period to the young larval stage. 50-60ml formulation/16L water Cotton: Pre- Harvest Interval: 60 days, Apply no more than 3 times during the growth cycle of crop
  • Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 1 hour, or on a windy day
  • Do not use the place of the honeybee colony and the flowering periods.
  • Do not use it in the silkworm room and the mulberry orchard.
  • Do not wash container in river
  • Rotation us with other mechanism pesticide is recommended
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Do not inhale the spray mist. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst applying or mixing or before washing hands and face and change of clothing. wear protective clothing- overalls, rubber boots, gloves, a face shield and a respirator when mixing
  • Do not use, touch or be around in the area if pregnant or nursing.

If swallowed:

1. do not induce vomiting or give liquid orally.

2. If clothing and skin are contaminated, remove the clothes and wash the contaminated skin with a copious amount of soap and water.

3. If eyes are contaminated, flush with plenty of saline/clean water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

4. If inhaled, remove the patient to fresh air

Composition Active ingredient: Chlorpyrifos 30% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 1.54% EW
Crops Maize, Sweet Corn, Sorghum, Rice, Tobacco, and Vegetables.
Target Fall Army Worms, Maize Stalk Borer and Sorghum Stem Borer
Pre-Harvest Interval Pre-harvest interval: Stop spraying 15 days before harvest.

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