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Unicaf University Zambia
Unicaf University Zambia
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Meet Your Student Advisers: Lwipa Musonda, Lusaka Call Centre

“Our reward comes when our applicants successfully enroll as students with one of the reputable partner universities, thanking us for assisting them in commencing this most important journey of their lives, which can shape their own future and that of their families too. This is an extremely satisfying feeling for every UNICAF Student Adviser” Lwipa Musonda, Student Adviser at the UNICAF Call Centre in Lusaka, Zambia

The main job of a UNICAF Student Adviser is to establish a relationship between applicants and UNICAF and to create rapport between them. Following that we provide information on the different academic programmes offered by partner universities through UNICAF, and guide applicants in choosing the most suitable programme in relation to their qualifications and aspirations.

It goes without saying that UNICAF Student Advisers must not only possess good communication skills, written and spoken, but good overall people skills as well. They must work well in a team and under pressure and must be dedicated to fulfilling UNICAF’s mission — to make quality online university education accessible, through the state of the art digital platform facilitating online delivery of study material, and affordable, through the generous UNICAF Scholarship Programme, in underserved areas in Africa and other parts of the world.

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Meet Your Student Advisers: Lwipa Musonda, Lusaka Call Centre
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Through its online platform, Unicaf collaborates with reputable universities in the US, UK and Africa to provide quality higher education to under-served markets. Current partners include the University of Suffolk (UK), the Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of South Wales (UK), the University of California, Riverside Extension (USA) and multi-campus Unicaf University (Africa). Unicaf University (Zambia, Malawi) is accredited by the British Accreditation Council based in the UK and all Unicaf University Zambia undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes are accredited by the Higher Education Authority Of Zambia (HEA).