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Bayhealth Veterinary Services
Bayhealth Veterinary Services
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over 3 years ago

Spaying and neutering services available

Did you know that spaying and neutering your pet enables them to live a long and healthy life? It also prevents or reduces unwanted behaviour such as urine marking, aggression and roaming.

Your community can also benefit from a reduction in the number of stray dogs and cats as well as overpopulation.

Call Bayhealth Veterinary Services to find out more about these procedures.

+260 977 923883 or +260 977 521414
Spaying and neutering services available
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Bayhealth Veterinary Services
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Bayhealth Veterinary Services provide veterinary healthcare to pets and farm animals. Just like indoor pets, farm animals need routine veterinary care. Most livestock - goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses, poultry and waterfowl require de-wormers and vaccines. When farmers and pet owners face a problem, Bayhealth has the knowledge, technical skills and interest in getting the job done. It is also committed to providing up-to-date advice, backed up by the latest research and innovation.