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Moringa Initiative Ltd
Moringa Initiative Ltd
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over 3 years ago

Animal feed supplements available at Livestock Services

Moringa Animal Feed Supplement is available at Livestock Services in Lusaka, and it's not just for cattle and dairy cows, it's suited for all animals.

Feeding your animals with Moringa helps increase cattle’s weight gain, boosts their immune system and enhances milk production.

Moringa also improves the digestibility of other food that cattle eat and improves overall health and condition of your animal.

To purchase the supplements for your animals visit Livestock Services.

Lusaka Showgrounds, Great East Road, Lusaka
+260 979 639800
Animal feed supplements available at Livestock Services
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Moringa Initiative Ltd
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Established in 2013, Moringa Initiative is located at Westgate Farm in Chisamba about 100km north of Lusaka. This company grows and manufactures its own Moringa Oleifera for a variety of products such as Moringa Miracle Capsules, Moringa Miracle Tea and Moringa Leaf Powder. Under their brand 'Zamor Products', Moringa Initiative supplies a wide range of homegrown herbs and herb blends. The company aims to supply Zambia with supplements in an effort to help build a healthier nation. Their products are sold in many shops and pharmacies in Zambia. Search #moringamoments on social media platforms to find out the latest news and offers.