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Nector Prime Accounting Solutions
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions
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over 3 years ago

New updates added to the CA Premier Accounting Package

Nector Prime Accounting Solutions has recently approved the new updates for CA Premier Accounting Package, see below:

1. Surveillance systems: This will help our users to see who the hackers or illegal users are.

2. Password Retrieval System: In the event where a user has lost the password this system will be able to retrieve the password easily

3. Wall Clock: Finally the current wall clock is configured to monitor all users who are using the CA premier, it calculate the idle time, and if the idle time is 15 minutes or more it logs off the user automatically

4. Modules Manager: This small software separates the CA Premier as follows:

  • Full Ca Premier ( With the modules consolidated into one) this will continue to cost ZMW1000.00
  • Sales Accounting ( This cost only ZMW450)
  • Purchases Accounting ( This cost only ZMW450)
  • Financial Accounting ( This cost only ZMW450)
  • Inventory Accounting ( This cost only ZMW450)
  • Payroll Processing ( This cost only ZMW450)
  • Entrepreneurs Accounting ( This cost only ZMW450)

Please note when you buy a single module it means that you cannot see other modules.

For entrepreneurs accounting module does not required any educational background anyone can use it. It is fitted with advanced robots with management accounting tools, example:

1. It calculates average marginal cost from millions of invoices for use in sales pricing decisions

2. It does not allow anyone to sale a product at below cost

3. It does not allow anyone to a negative stock

4. No sales is allowed if the cash received is not sufficient

No one is left out, you can now enjoy advanced accounting with CA Premier Accounting Package. For more information contact Nector Prime today.

Hill View Area off Kasama Road, Libala South, Lusaka
+260 977 352401
New updates added to the CA Premier Accounting Package
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions image
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions
Auditors and Tax
Payroll and HR services
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions develop, maintain and market the CA Premier Accounting Package. This package is multi user, does not require the internet and covers all areas of SME accounting including sales, purchases, inventory, financial reporting, fixed assets, payroll, budgeting and costing. Nector is an accounting practice that helps SMEs with measurement, disclosure and provision of assurance concerning a company's financial information.
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