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Bimeda Zambia Ltd
Bimeda Zambia Ltd
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Bimeda Milking salve

Bimeda Milking Salve

0.55% Diclorophene and 2.0% Lanolin

Disinfectants/ Antiseptic

An antiseptic milking jelly for lubrication teats and milker's hands during milking for cattle, sheep and goats

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Bimeda Milking salve
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Bimeda Zambia Ltd
Animal health products
Veterinary pharmaceuticals
Bimeda Zambia is a manufacturer and marketer of an extensive range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. Its wide portfolio includes products for the prevention and treatment of disease in cattle, poultry and horses, with a specific focus on parasite control, cattle fertility, nutrition, cattle production, poultry production and equine health. Bimeda is committed to providing a comprehensive, customer-driven service and selling consistently high-quality products at a market-conscious price level.