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MyZambia MyAfrica
MyZambia MyAfrica
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almost 3 years ago

Opportunity to contribute towards Zambia's development

MyZambia MyAfrica's vision is best expressed as creatively branding Zambia. It focuses on ways in which education, economic empowerment and creativity can contribute towards Zambia's development. They thrive on creating creative collaborations with like minded people that have good ideas and membership is offered free of charge. If you share their vision, get in touch to join the team and help light the way.

Plot 7 Chitemwiko Road
Opportunity to contribute towards Zambia's development
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MyZambia MyAfrica
Marketing and PR
Energy consultants
As a post-Brexit UK seeks to find its place in the world, focusing on Africa still holds considerable promise. MyZambia MyAfrica remains dedicated to building a positive and enduring brand identity for Zambia, by attracting inward investment and taking advantage of the opportunities that Brexit offers. World Bank Development Indicators have shown that the use of energy is strongly related to almost every conceivable aspect of development.