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Lube-X Technologies Ltd
Lube-X Technologies Ltd
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almost 3 years ago

Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment

Lube-X Technologies supplies Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment for fluid analysis. Their product offerings include spectrometers, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers as well as particle analysis instruments. The analysis equipment is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified.

771, Hamapula Farm
+260 963 847278
Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment
Lube-X Technologies Ltd image
Lube-X Technologies Ltd
On-site oil analysis and services
Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment
Dezzi machinery for mining, agriculture and quarries
Lube-X Technologies was established after an opportunity arose to become the Zambian agents for oil analysis testing equipment from On-site Analysis, Inc in the United States of America. This company has secured the rights to distribute all laboratory equipment and supplies of Spectro Scientific, one of the world's largest laboratory equipment manufacturers. Lube-X Technologies were also appointed in August 2016 as the Zambian agents for the Dezzi range of products.
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