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Good Nature Agro
Good Nature Agro
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over 2 years ago

Keep your land active this season - plant 10kg get 1000kg back!

Keep your farm working for you, if you remain with land to plant, pick up some certified cowpea seed from stockists across the country. Let this cheap and easy to grow crop improve the health of your soil, while improving your family's access to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Chadiza Road, Chipata, Zambia
+260 979 205804, +260 964 918871
Keep your land active this season - plant 10kg get 1000kg back!
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Good Nature Agro
Crop farming with small-scale farmers
Legume seed production with small-scale farmers
Capacity building small-scale farmers
This company has been investing in Zambia’s small-scale farmers to generate lasting income since 2014. Good Nature Seeds are subject to rigorous quality control checks and all carry Zambia’s Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) certification. Their range of legume seed currently includes soybean, cowpea, groundnut and pigeon pea. The company's head office which is located in Chipata, is responsible for operations and processing. Good Nature Agro also has a convenient base in Lusaka.