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Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)
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Teacher Training

Each year, CLZ chooses one of its five project areas and invites 24 teachers from the Conservation Clubs to attend a three night and two-day teacher training workshop at CLZ’s Environmental Education Centre. This is a vital part of the environmental education program, as it ensures that teachers are trained to teach their clubs on conservation issues and that they too have a strong connection and understanding of the topics.

Chongwe Road, Lusaka Province, Lower Zambezi National Park
Teacher Training
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Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)
Lower Zambezi National Park
Wildlife Protection
Environmental Education
Community support
Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of wildlife and to the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lower Zambezi. CLZ is centered around 3 main pillars of support - Wildlife Protection; Environmental Education, teaching children on the importance of their natural environment; and Community Support, helping communities as they grow, and encouraging them to develop sustainably.