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Ecobank Zambia
Ecobank Zambia
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about 2 years ago

Shopping with cards made safer with 3D secure

3D Secure offers advanced protection for Ecobank cardholders and makes shopping with cards even safer. 3D Secure is a new authorisation service that uses Verified by VISA to make sure that it's definitely you using your card. 3D Secure currently applies to purchases made with VISA but in future it will apply to both VISA and Mastercard.

This automatic service for all cardholders provides proof of your identity where your purchase does not require you to enter your PIN.

How 3D secure works

When you pay for something online with your card, Ecobank will be alerted to send a One-Time Passcode (OTP) to the mobile number that they have on file for you. You will be able to confirm your identity using the following steps:

1. Enter your card details online to pay for your purchase

2. Check your mobile phone for your OTP

3. Enter the OTP on the authentication screen and click 'submit'

4. Continue with your purchase as normal

Shopping with cards made safer with 3D secure
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