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Preserve your cashflow and lease your technology

Five reasons why your company should be leasing it's Technology Equipment.

1. Preserve cash flow - Leasing your IT Technology is a really good way to save cash and redirect it to other areas of your business.

2. Enjoy fixed interest rates - unlike fluctuating repayments, leasing gives you a fixed rate throughout the lease term.

3. Up to date equipment - Most IT equipment have a short lifespan (usually obsolete after 3 to 4 years). With leasing, you can always upgrade to new modern technologies during the leasing period.

4. Reduced downtime - As IT devices age, internal components progressively wear out, leading to slower performance. Productivity suffers and the costs to maintain the outdated equipment will rise. If you lease, you will have the opportunity to trade in the slow and update to the newer versions.

5. Asset disposal - Innovent can cover your technology programme through its entire asset lifecycle; From inception, asset management during lease, to the asset refresh or disposal stage. Qrent is well positioned in the market to offer innovative solutions to finance and manage a spectrum of standard and specialised equipment.

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Preserve your cashflow and lease your technology
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Computer hardware rental
For all your computer rental requirements, Qrent has the solution for you. With a spectrum of cost-effective rental options, the company hires out desktops, laptops, servers and projectors from leading international brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Renting is an inexpensive way to access technology - you only pay for equipment you need for the time you need it! Qrent delivers countrywide.