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Mulberry Mongoose
Mulberry Mongoose
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about 2 years ago

A stunning collection of handmade jewellery

Mulberry Mongoose breathes life into locally sourced materials and turns them into handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key rings and gift bags. This range is about celebrating local cultures, teaching technical skills, creating employment opportunities and protecting the animals of the South Luangwa Valley from poaching. With over $80,000 put back into local communities so far, buying one piece, a range for your shop or corporate gifts will continue this wonderful circle of life

South Luangwa Valley, Mfuwe
+260 978 051814
A stunning collection of handmade jewellery
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Mulberry Mongoose
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Handmade jewellery and accessories
Deep in the Zambian bush, a group of local women hand-craft jewellery and accessories as the elephants roam nearby. Every piece is made from natural materials from the South Luangwa Valley - think feathers, semiprecious stones, wooden beads and snare wire collected by local anti-poaching patrols. This is ethical jewellery that supports local families and saves local wildlife. If you want adventure and meaningful memories, visit them; or simply buy online and help raise money for local communities. Growing in popularity, this 'jewellery with a purpose' is worn by supermodels and quoted in international press.