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Clemack Cleaning Services
Clemack Cleaning Services
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Clemack Cleaning Services is the cleaning services arm of Clemack Suppliers Ltd, a Zambian company that brings professional cleaning services to companies in different industries in Zambia.

Strata cleaning involves a range of different cleaning tasks that are generally client-dictated and are primarily for apartments. These include before and after lease cleaning, seasonal cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, roof/gutter cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, vehicle cleaning and yard cleaning.

Specialised cleaning generally involves cleaning the hard-to-reach places that are not cleaned every day during normal cleaning operations. Clemack Cleaning Services ensures that these cleaning services are conducted by professionals using specialised cleaning equipment and products.

17 Musuzi Road, Woodlands
+260 973 192257, +260 964 210955
Book now for your once off general cleaning service
Clemack Cleaning Services image
Clemack Cleaning Services
Commercial cleaning
Domestic cleaning
Specialised cleaning
Clemack Cleaning Services is a dynamic, modern-day, cleaning and tidying company that uses technology to achieve a quality service for its clients. The company provides professional and timely services in the areas of domestic, commercial and specialised cleaning. Paying careful attention to detail, Clemack Cleaning Services partners with its clients to ensure their homes, work spaces and places of business are hygienic environments conducive for business.
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