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Danish Concrete Hardener
Danish Concrete Hardener
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Increase hardness of concrete up to 80%

Danish Concrete Hardener's concrete hardener is a non-toxic, concrete impregnation liquid for effective treating of concrete. It is water-based, colourless and is available in three different types – Floor, wall and block hardeners.

This hardener penetrates floors by 1-3 cm deep, and 10-15 mm for walls and blocks. It prevents water penetration and rapid drying of poured concrete and prevents cracks during hydration reaction. Your floors and walls will also become water repellent, oil stain repellent as well as slip, acid, chemical, fire and abrasion resistant.

Birkemosevej 57, 5471 , Denmark, Outside Zambia
+260 966 762681, +45 40339033
Increase hardness of concrete up to 80%
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Danish Concrete Hardener
Concrete hardener
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With its head office in Denmark, Danish Concrete Hardener is a subsidiary of JPH Aps, an innovative company with 50 years of experience and know-how in manufacturing and supplying high quality, environmentally-friendly concrete impregnation liquids to the construction industry. Their concrete hardener has a high breaking point and high grinding strength. It is also chemical resistant. If you are a business owner, Danish Concrete Hardener invites you to contribute to the construction industry in Zambia by becoming a distributor of this innovative product.