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Lake Road (PTA) School
Lake Road (PTA) School
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11 months ago

E - Learning enrollment for non Lake Road PTA School Pupils now available

The School is accepting e-Learning enrolments for all prospecting Pupils who are NOT Pupils at Lake Road PTA School but want to enrol as e-learners who will ONLY access the School e-Learning facilities through the School Learning Management System.

Tuition Fees Policies for E-Learners

1. School fees must be paid in FULL FOR E-LEARNERS before being granted access to online learning facilities for the month.

2. The discounted fees for e-learning shall NOT be transferred as a credit to the fulltime accounts receivable billing for the term.

3. Being enrolled for e-learning does NOT mean that the learner has been enrolled for examination entry at the School. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure the child is registered for examination at a school of your choice.

4. All e-Learners shall not have full rights of a Fulltime learner enrolled to Lake Road PTA School save for online learning.

5. The following are the monthly user fees payable in order to be granted credentials and access

rights for the month:

5.1 Senior Secondary: K2, 000.00/learner

5.2 Junior Secondary: K1, 700.00/learner

5.3 Primary School: K1, 500.00/learner

Lake Road PTA School has a payment policy of No C for School fees and sales.

All School fees must be paid into the following School Bank Account:

  • A/C Name: Lake Road PTA School
  • A/C No. : 0110004514016
  • Bank: Investrust Bank
  • Branch: Arcades
  • SORT Code: 170005

  • Three deposit slips MUST be completed and clearly indicated the Name(s) of the child(ren) & their grade(s).
  • Please refer all technical and operational challenges and queries to the IT Administrator.
  • Please refer all accounts and billing challenges and queries to the School Accountant.

Lake Road PTA School thank you for your expression of interest for our e-learning program and your association with Lake Road PTA School and for being part of the community.

+260 976 263901
E - Learning enrollment for non Lake Road PTA School Pupils now available
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This school offers quality pre-school, primary and secondary education which develops innovative, creative and integrated learners equipped with skills to enable them to contribute positively to society. Lake Road (PTA) School ensures that class sizes are small, maintaining a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:30. A member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ), this school is one of the leading co-educational day schools, providing all-inclusive education in Zambia.