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Gas stove safety practices: managing the flame

The flame in gas stoves can be easily controlled by turning the knob and changed between low, medium, and high. It should never reach out from under the cookware put on the burners, as that may expose your fingers to the heat.

Maintaining the Stove

The gas stove is widely used, and it lasts for a long time. But for it to provide a long and hassle-free useful life, it must be maintained in a certain way. The most significant cause of safety concerns with gas stoves is carelessness and improper maintenance.

Keeping Inflammable Objects Away

The heat from a gas stove burner can burn inflammable objects that are held close to it. Any plastic utensils or jars, foil paper wrappings, and air-tight glass containers must be kept at a safe distance from the gas stove, primarily when it is being used.

One common mistake most of us make is placing things on adjacent burners that are not being used. The safest option is to keep absolutely nothing on the burners and keep inflammable objects far away from the stove.

Safety First!

The multitude of benefits of using a gas stove makes it a must-have in almost every kitchen. These safety tips will help you use your gas stove in the best possible manner in the long run.

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Gas stove safety practices: managing the flame
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