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Quality approved Teflon Tape

Grade series 1208PS PTFE coated glass cloth is designed for use in heat - sealing applications where a self adhesive tape is called for, and a release is required between the sealing bar and the substrate being sealed. The excellent release properties make it ideal for release sheets in laminating processes and the smooth surface ensures a good finish on the product. The self adhesive properties facilitate in fitting of the product.

Typical properties

  • Weight: 250 g/sq.m
  • Materials; Woven fiberglass (without adhesive) & PTFE fluorocarbon resins
  • Thickness: 0.125mm
  • Colour: Light brown
  • Adhesive thickness: 0.05mm nominal
  • Backing colour: orange - Brown
  • Widith: 1000mm
  • Tensile strength: 300 x 270 N/cm
  • Upper use Temperature: 260 deg C continuous
  • Peel strength: 14 N / 25mm, 316 deg C for short periods
  • Percentage PTFE (by weight): 56%

Important properties

  • Chemical resistance
  • Superior heat and cold resistance
  • Dimensional stability under heat and pressure
  • Low friction non - sticking smooth surfaces

Important applications

  • Release in heat sealing of plastic laminating processes.
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Quality approved Teflon Tape
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