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Speedy Lock & Key Services
Speedy Lock & Key Services
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4 months ago

Key shells available at K250

Speedy Lock and Key Services include:

  • Worn out keys and remote replacement
  • Reconfiguration of locks, remote and chips
  • Transponder key programming
  • Locksmith
  • Ignition and doorlock repair
  • Replace lost or stolen keys
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Key shells available at K250
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Speedy Lock & Key Services
Car key cutting and programming
Key replacement and locksmith equipment
This is a modern locksmith company that specialises in professional key cutting and programming. Other services include replacement of worn-out keys and remotes, reconfiguration of locks, remotes and chips, ignition and door repair, as well as replacement of lost keys. Speedy Lock & Key Services' team of locksmiths has the technology and training required to cut and programme all types of key blanks and transponder chips - for all types of pin tumbler locks ('Yale' locks) and almost any vehicle make or model.