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Syngenta Zambia
Syngenta Zambia
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13 days ago

Say hello to the newest Syngenta tomato!

Upper is a beef-stake indeterminate tomato variety that boasts very good setting and high early yield. This variety produces fruits with a weight of 160gms each an attractive round shape and deep red color, with very good shelf life making it suitable for long distance transporting. Other

Characteristics include:

  • Plant Vigour: Medium - strong
  • Shelf Life Days: 10
  • Fruit setting: Strong
  • Yield per hectare: 140 – 150 T under good agricultural practices
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Say hello to the newest Syngenta tomato!
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Syngenta Zambia
A leading agricultural company that manufactures and distributes agrochemicals and seeds. With an ambition to help safely feed the world while taking care of the planet, Syngenta Zambia aims to improve the sustainability, quality and safety of agriculture with world class science and innovative crop solutions. Their technologies enable farmers to make better use of limited agricultural resources. Through partnerships, collaboration and its own 'Good Growth Plan', Syngenta is committed to improving farm productivity, rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalising rural communities.