Kalimba Reptile Park
Kalimba Reptile Park
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8 months ago

Did you know that tortoises also lay eggs?

The female Leopard Tortoise will dig a hole in the ground where she will lay her eggs. She will then leave the nest and not come back to it. Her babies will hatch many months later and will literally pop out the ground to start their lives alone.

Ngwere Road, Ngwerere
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Did you know that tortoises also lay eggs?
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Kalimba Reptile Park
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Great for a group excursion or family day out, Kalimba Reptile Park is a popular attraction offering lots of 'scaly' sites and activities including fishing. Nestling in the lush basin of the Ngwerere stream, this is one of the best tourist destinations in Lusaka that offers a fun filled day out for locals as well as international visitors. The reptile park is an extension of Kalimba Farms which specialises primarily in crocodile farming, but also produces top quality free range Pekin ducks, beef products, pork, game meat (seasonal) and fish. Their on-site restaurant services a wide variety of meals and beverages.