Are you having land disputes and don't know where to go?

Land disputes have become the order of the day in Zambia. Prominent among these are illegal squatters who come and settle on a piece of land in which someone has a legal interest. Illegal re-entries and displacements where people are not adequately compensated or given suitable alternatives are common.

There are instances when a piece of land is allocated or sold to more than one person. Further, still there are times when fraudulent title deeds are obtained where someone has already an existing interest. Even in customary areas disputes arise over land issues and most of Zambia’s population live and depend on customary land.

Most people particularly do not know where to go when these disputes arise and further are challenged financially. The good news is that National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) can assist.

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Are you having land disputes and don't know where to go?
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National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW)
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National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) was established in 1990 to provide affordable legal aid services to women and children from marginalised social sectors who have been victims of social injustice. Often these people cannot afford the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent them in their pursuit of justice. NLACW offers legal services, representation, legal information and education and conducts advocacy for policy and law reform on women and children’s rights. NLACW’s activities are financed by donations from their mother body, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), client contributions and co-operating partners. NLACW wants to see a society where underprivileged women and children have fair and equal access to legal rights through legal representation.