Madina Sales
Madina Sales
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Diverse range of fabrics

Madina Sales are textile wholesalers and retailers – supplying the Zambian market with up-to-date fabric designs at affordable prices. It also stocks upholstery and curtain material, Chitenge cloth, African prints, canvas and carport material. Customers include individuals, small tailoring businesses and large clothing manufacturers.

Karachi Street, Kamwala Shopping Centre
+260 977 775608, +260 955 775608
Diverse range of fabrics
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Madina Sales
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Madina Sales supplies all kinds of quality fabrics and textiles at affordable prices – from cool cottons for dresses to rich upholstery material and everything in between. This company specialises in suiting material, wedding dress materials, drill fabric and sheeting material. Madina Sales has a professional customised curtain making service and a complete range of accessories for curtains.