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Know more about early blight infection on tomatoes

Did you know?

Early blight infection starts at the bottom of the plant with leaf spotting and yellowing.

Quick facts

  • It affects leaves, fruits and stems and can be severely yield-limiting when vulnerable tomato seed varieties are used even when the weather is favourable
  • Early blight is one of the most common tomato problems.


  • Originally, small dark spots form on older leaves near the ground.
  • Larger spots have target-like concentric rings. Leaf spots are round, brown and can grow up to 1/2 inch in diameter
  • Harshly infected leaves turn brown and fall off, or dead, dried leaves may clench to the stem
  • Stems are tainted at or just above the soil line. Stem turns brown, sunken and dry
  • Fruit can be contaminated at any stage of maturity, fruit spots are tough and black, with raised concentric ridges & normally occur near the stem. Infected fruit may drop from the plant.


  • Early blight can be caused by two pathogen species: Alternaria tomatophila and Alternaria solani
  • The early blight pathogens both overwinter in infected plant debris and soil, lower leaves become infected when they come into contact with contaminated soil, either through direct contact or when raindrops splash soil onto the leaves.

Crop Pro Zambia's solution

You can use:

  • BOLT 72WP (Metalaxyl + Mancozeb)
  • THUNDER 75WP (Cabendazim + Mancozeb)
  • TRIBUTE 720SC (Chlorothanil)
  • MUPAZEB 80WP (Mancozeb)
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Know more about early blight infection on tomatoes
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