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6 months ago

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory’, a National Geographic Africa series partly filmed in Zambia premiers on Disney+ on 8th September – and it’s definitely been worth the wait!

A To Z Solutions Ltd is excited to be part of the film community and to regularly work with production companies and #filmmakers to showcase examples of the breath-taking #wildlife experiences that #zambia has to offer. It was a privilege to work with the Wildstar Films production team to facilitate the logistics & permissions to film the Zambian part of this amazing series in #southluangwa

If you’re looking for out-of-this-world, unspoilt locations teeming with wildlife and an award-winning film fixing team to handle everything on the ground for you, get in touch and let’s get those cameras rolling!

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Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory
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A to Z Solutions was the first dedicated film fixing company to set up in Zambia. They help to coordinate filming projects in Zambia and handle all permits, press passes, filming applications as well as assisting with the temporary importation of equipment. Its award winning team has worked with Netflix, BBC, Renegade Pictures, Yuan Fang, Polyphon Film und Fernsehgesellschaft to name but a few, with crews from Canada, UK, USA, China, Germany, South Africa, Austria, The Netherlands and more! They offer location advise, planning, bookings, logistics management, vehicle hire, internal flights, and film fixing services tailored around each production company’s needs.