Pestalozzi Education Centre
Pestalozzi Education Centre
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5 months ago

Launchpad to the Worlds best Universities!

Senior students are in the process of selecting and applying to Universities that are the perfect fit and align with their personalities and career choices. They did this through the creation of vision boards.

Twin Palms Road, Ibex Hill
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Launchpad to the Worlds best Universities!
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Pestalozzi Education Centre
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Among the top 10 private schools in Lusaka, Pestalozzi Education Centre provides outstanding kindergarten, primary and secondary education (Grade k to 12). To students aged 2 and a half to 18 years of age. With state of the art sports facilities, computer labs, science labs, ICT dedicated research labs and libraries (on campus/digital). The school offers Cambridge IGCSE, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme alongside the ECZ. Students at Pestalozzi Education Centre develop excellent breadth and depth of knowledge, practical skills as well as high academic attainment.