Skywave Technologies
Skywave Technologies
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Tailored consultancy services and business IT support

You can contact Deerhurst Zambia for any queries and advice involving professional services and equipment information on data and voice systems as well as connections. Their knowledgeable team of IT consultants can advise and provide solutions that best suit your requirements and capacity including the network design, implementation plan and all the equipment needed.

13 Kapumpe Road, Woodlands
+260 953 440136, +260 211 238003
Tailored consultancy services and business IT support
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Skywave Technologies
Video & Audio Conferencing Systems
Analog/GSM/ISDN Gateways
Cloud PBX Services
Call Centre Systems and Installation
IP Phones
Customer Support Software
Communication Consultancy and Support
A business communication solutions company. Focusing on making your business communication easy through excellence and simplicity, Skywave Technologies provides high performance and personalised solutions on the latest technologies at affordable prices and flexible purchase solutions. Their range of products includes PBX systems, analogue/VOIP/ISDN gateways, VOIP GSM, video and audio conferencing systems, and IP phones. The company also offers professional business IT consultancy and call centre services. Skywave Technologies aims at providing products, services and solutions that remain relevant to organisations of all sizes, cutting across all sectors of the economy.