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Insecticides for flying insects at Afrivest


Active ingredient: Pyrethrum 15 g/kg + Piperonyl butoxide (Synergist) 150 g/kg.

Wefco ACTIVE® Wefcomatic Aerosol is a metered insecticide aerosol developed for the control of both flies

and mosquitoes. Wefco ACTIVE® Wefcomatic Aerosol is designed for use with the Wefco ACTIVE® Metered

Aerosol Dispenser to provide 24 hour control of flies and mosquitoes for a 30 day period under continuous



• Residential Dwellings

• Commercial and Office Premises

• Shopping Complexes, Supermarkets and Retail Catering Establishment

• Hospitality Industry

• Hospitals and Clinics

• Food Processing, Packaging and Storage Facilities

Insecticides for flying insects at Afrivest
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Afrivet Zambia Ltd imports a full range of livestock items, with field staff available throughout the country to give technical advice and after sales service. It is the only registered distributor of Bayer environmental products in Zambia. This company also markets a range of environmental health products for cleaning, disinfection, public health, pest control as well as grain protection and malaria vector control. It has a large warehouse ensuring a consistent supply of goods.