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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd
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7 months ago

Let Bonjour Surveys & Inspections investigate damage to your shipment!

Let Bonjour Surveys & Inspections investigate wet damage to your shipment. Covid test kits discharged from a plane in soaked...

With experienced personnel, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections is able help you assess the level of damage to your property and make it easy for you to make an insurance claim. Their staff constantly undergoes training to maintain the level of expertise required to perform efficiently and with the utmost accuracy.

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Let Bonjour Surveys & Inspections investigate damage to your shipment!
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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd
Insurance loss assessment
Commodity quality assurance
Stock management & auditing
A fast growing cargo survey and inspection company in Zambia, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections has a service delivery plan suitable for most clients in the commodity trading and commodity financing industries. Services offered include product quality and quantity verification as well as controls, sampling of commodities, laboratory analysis of warehouse commodities, general warehouse management, custodial services (warehousing and collateral management), stock auditing, warehouse inspection for risk assessment, aid monitoring, loss adjustment survey of insured commodities and pre-shipment inspections. The company has also been appointed as local distributor of Cargo Desicants manufactured by VA Pharma Pack, India. This product is highly useful in preventing moisture damage to merchandise in storage or transit. Bonjour's target is clients specialised in storage/ warehousing, transportation and related industries.