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6 months ago

5 FAQ’s about introducing Moringa to your pet’s diet

The top 5 FAQ’s about introducing Moringa to your pet’s die - Answered by Tash (the director of the South African branch)

1. Is it safe to feed an animal Moringa? Absolutely! It is literally the leaf of a tree, so it’s totally natural - just extremely nutritious 😉 Our cattle on the farm are hazardous around our Moringa field, if they could munch the whole crop, they would!

2. What is Moringa & what does it do? My favourite question! Haha Moringa is a superfood – one of the most nutritious plants found in the world! True story! It contains more protein & antioxidants than any other plant! It’s a natural multivitamin containing high levels of fibre, iron, magnesium & calcium. These nutrients are super beneficial and are known to result in a healthy gut (this is SO important), strong immune systems (their little tummy’s are always fighting off bacteria), repairing damaged cells & fighting free radicals (mainstream foods often don’t contain natural antioxidants that do this – except I saw Bob Martin recently added Moringa to their food & I know of a few other larger brands are currently in product development too – so that’s exciting), and it’s a natural anti-inflammatory (more powerful than turmeric) and its great for their skin & coat too – you’ll see the changes for yourself in less than 2 months.

3. Should I buy the Moringa Pet Food Supplement or the Moringa Animal Feed Supplement – what’s the difference? It depends on whose belly you are feeding. For your cat/dog, go for the PFS – this is a fine powder (finely crushed Moringa leaves). It mixes well with wet food and easy to sprinkle over pellets/biscuits. If you are in the livestock or equine industry, go for the AFS – this is a course mix of dried Moringa leaf & the moringa oleifera stem (extra fibre). It mixes well with other course feed. If your feed is much finer or liquid-based, then rather go for the powder.

4. How do I add Moringa to their food & how much should I add? Firstly, always start with a lower portion (I don’t like the word dosage, it sounds like it’s a mootie and it’s actually just a food), but as I said earlier - it’s very high in fibre, magnesium & antioxidants so it gets the gut going! So, to avoid a runny tummy, rather let them get used to all of the nutrients in smaller amounts, before gradually increasing it. Nutritionists’ recommendation for the pet food supplement (powder) is 1/2 tsp to 1tsp of Moringa Powder sprinkled into the food, once a day. For the animal feed supplement (course mix) it's 10g per 100kg bodyweight – so if your horse is 200kgs, add in 20g etc. There are no reported side effects of ‘too much’ moringa, other than a runny tummy – I’m sure I’ll be one of the first to know – we research Moringa and chat to nutritionists all the time and we have very good relationships with our clients who we chat to often.

5. Will my pet still eat his/her food if I add Moringa into it – what does it taste like? I think it’s similar to and tastes like kale - or maybe matcha.. or spinach, I don’t know - It’s not as fab as strawberries & cream, but you get used to it haha! Livestock & horses won’t have a problem getting it down - at Flag Animal Farm, I’ve watched chickens, tortoises, sheep, pigs, donkeys, and even WOLVES eat Moringa leaves – so it can’t be that bad hey?! I haven’t heard of too many people complaining about their pets turning their noses. I think it depends on how fussy they are when it comes to vegetables. But the powder is ideal because if you have raw food/gravy, the flavour is masked. Our family of 3 rescues (2 dogs and a cat) get moringa powder sprinkled into their biscuits every day and they seem to love it – shame they don’t have much of an option though hey! Haha

“It’s really not that complicated though, it’s just a super nutritious crushed-up leaf! I know people are always wary about what they feed their animals, but I can guarantee you that it’s one of the BEST foods you could ever introduce into their diets”.

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5 FAQ’s about introducing Moringa to your pet’s diet
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Established in 2013, Moringa Initiative is a proud, family-owned business. Their Moringa is organically grown and lovingly processed on their family farm in Zambia. With Moringa Initiative, you are dealing with a fully transparent, ethical source of top quality, nutritious Moringa. They supply bulk quantities of Moringa to both local and international markets. They have also developed their own retail products that contain their homegrown Moringa! Products have been Halaal Certified and approved by ZABS for the Zambian Market. The company has also just been approved Proudly Zambian™.