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5 months ago

Concrete Tests

One of the key focus of research at ControLab Zambia Limited is on concrete Testing. In order to determine the quality, durability, and early-age properties of concrete, care is taken to ensure that only the best materials are recommended for use. This forms part of our quality policy and is part of their well-shared vision to pursue high-performance civil engineering.

Concrete, the most widely used building material in the world, is a sustainable material when properly designed and constructed. While new materials may show promise, they are often made from natural resources that are simply not found in quantities abundant enough to compete with or even replace the most used construction material in the world, concrete. It is for this reason that concrete is the most advantageous for further development as an advanced material, and enhancements to concrete to generate special properties or to achieve superior performance may be a central path forward to ensure both long-term durability and sustainability.

Make ControLab your Concrete Testing Home.

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Concrete Tests
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ControLab offers professional engineering services to contractors, consultancies and government entities in Zambia. The company carries out civil engineering materials testing through a full range of testing of soils, aggregates, bitumen, asphalt and concrete, as well as geotechnical investigations for roads and buildings.