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High-performance water treatment chemicals

Chemsol is a market leader in the supply of water treatment chemicals that are used as cleansers, oxidizing agents, bleaching agents, disinfectants, flocculants and coagulants. Some of the chemicals falling in this category are HTH, aluminium sulphate, sodium hypochlorite, soda ash dense, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and activated carbon. Chemsol also supplies scale and corrosion inhibitors in this sector.

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High-performance water treatment chemicals
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Chemsol Ltd
Industrial and mineral processing chemicals
Food processing and water treatment chemicals
For high quality, cost effective industrial and mineral processing chemicals, water treatment chemicals and food grade chemicals. Chemsol also trades as Chemsol Scientific for the supply of laboratory chemicals and reagents, laboratory consumables and allied equipment. This company is an authorised dealer for Merck® which is the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world and owner of the leading brands in the research and applied life science sector.