Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
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5 months ago

Design your dream wedding cake

Bakers at Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited are specialised in occasional cakes, for birthday, anniversaries or weddings. Get in touch and speak with Tamboja’s highly trained staff about your special event’s needs, the cakes design, the flavour, the decoration etc. They will ensure that they serve you the best.

Stand No. F7 , Red Ribbon Building, Showgrounds, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 970 277576, +260 977 534944
Design your dream wedding cake
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Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
Occasional cakes
Central Cafe (Tamboja Coffee shop)
Baking equipment and ingredients
Founded in 2015, Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited started out as a small scale supplier of baking aids for cake bakers in Lusaka. But the company soon discovered a demand for their products from all over the country, as well as a market for a number of other items related to more advanced baking - edible decoration, edible printing baking tools etc. Today, Tamboja Cake and Bake Unlimited supplies everything you might need for your home baking or your professional cake baking challenges.