Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery
Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery
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5 months ago

Let Chova deliver your ingredients for you!

Dear Bakers, Chova is happy to purchase and deliver your baking ingredients from your suppliers, on your behalf, while you focus on producing some of the freshest bakes out there.

Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery are able to deliver from suppliers around the Civic Center and Chilenje areas.

WhatsApp or call Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery for details.

+260 953 995067
Let Chova deliver your ingredients for you!
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Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery
Document and parcel courier service
Ship to your online customers
Home delivery of food and more
A professional bicycle courier service that can handle any package of up to 10 kg using rugged delivery bags securely attached to delivery bicycles. Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery is able to safely transport your items in any weather. You can engage this company to home deliver food from various restaurants, order groceries and household items, as well as send and receive documents and letters. Orders can be made on, or via Chova's own WhatsApp, Facebook, email and call-in system, with a fast 3-minute response rate. All deliveries are signed for. Support this environmentally-friendly initiative by conveniently placing your orders with them.