Noah's Ark School
Noah's Ark School
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Pre-school education that serves the needs of today’s children

With a curriculum that is designed to empower children to be confident, successful and lifelong learners, Noah's Ark School offers exceptional pre-school education. Their team focuses on helping each child to develop their skills and coordination through physical activity and exercising their creativity through experiences in art.

Plot 396a/44/1c Makeni Road, Makeni, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 964 549411
Pre-school education that serves the needs of today’s children
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Noah's Ark School
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This primary and pre-school sees itself as a vibrant community made up of dedicated staff, parents and pupils. Noah's Ark School follows the Foundation Stage guidelines first developed in the UK. With highly experienced teachers and a low pupil-to-teacher ratio, each child's individual needs can be met. The school has an active school council that ensures rules and regulations are followed. Noah's Ark School encourages pupils, teachers and parents to co-operate and show kindness and respect.