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Maxlin Enterprise Ltd
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6 months ago

Give your female visitors great hygiene, confidence and comfort

Make your female staff or visitors feel extra well cared for with Maxlin's elegant sanitary bins and disposal services that will give them great hygiene, confidence and comfort. They tailor their services to meet each customer’s needs and budget. They provide both manual and automatic bins.

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Give your female visitors great hygiene, confidence and comfort
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Maxlin Enterprise Ltd
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A leading provider of Professional Commercial and Domestic Cleaning, Sanitary Services, Pest Control, Covid 19 Disinfection, Garden Maintenance and Landscaping as well as water vacuuming in case of flooding. Maxlin also supplies a wide selection of innovative cleaning equipment, chemicals, bathroom hygiene fittings, safety ware and related accessories. They can also help if you are a business owner looking for a company to train your staff in cleaning.