Royal Air Charters
Royal Air Charters
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Travel on your own schedule

The ability to travel on your own schedule, access to thousands of airports, the privacy of your own aircraft, eliminating long airport lines, and significant time savings.

When you charter an aircraft with Royal Air Charters, you will work with a service that is dedicated to providing a flight itinerary suited to your needs rather than to the airline's own.

Private Hangars, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
+260 969 783128
Travel on your own schedule
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Royal Air Charters
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Established in 2011, this company provides world-class private and corporate charters as well as air cargo services. As a customer-focused company, Royal Air Charters has revolved its services around the needs of its clients. They specialize in on-demand flights to destinations all over Zambia and beyond. With their modern fleet of turbine aircraft, first-class maintenance and the highest level of crew training, Royal Air Charters aims to provide its customers with safe, on time and stress-free flights.