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Gumboots, safety boots and safety shoes for men as well as women

Wearing appropriate protective footwear will prevent foot injuries at your workplace. You can shop a variety of high quality gumboots, safety boots and safety shoes from G Fox Zambia. You will find safety footwear with anti-slip surfaces, oil resistant soles and steel toe caps to keep you and your employees safe. All footwear conforms to the requirements of international safety standards, providing the best protection for your feet.

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Gumboots, safety boots and safety shoes for men as well as women
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A leading supplier of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial footwear, cleaning chemicals and office consumables. Since its inception, G Fox Zambia (and its sister company Bidvest Industrial Supplies) has built a reputation as the first point of call for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable supplier of industrial gear and consumables. Carrying a significant amount of stock, this company ensures that it is able to fulfill any requirement, no matter how large, in full and on time.