ETG Agri Inputs
ETG Agri Inputs
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ETG brings you a perfect herbicide for your maize field

A Selective Herbicide for the control of Annual Grasses and Broad leafed weeds in Maize to ensure a clean Field

• Herbicide – Selective Pre and early Post Emergence

• Active ingredients: Atrazine 20% + Mesotrione 4% + Nicosulfuron 2%

• Broad spectrum weed control in Maize.

• 2Lt/Ha or 300ml/16Lts water

• Applied at 2 – 4 leaf stage of weeds

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ETG brings you a perfect herbicide for your maize field
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ETG Agri Inputs
ETG Agri Inputs Zambia is your one-stop-shop for Kynoch, Falcon and Zamfert fertilisers. The company also supplies an extensive range of high-quality seeds and agro-chemicals. Their trained team of agricultural consultants provide farmers with professional agronomic services. Since its inception, ETG has emerged as one of Africa’s largest agricultural conglomerates. Its footprint expands across sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asian countries. The group’s supply chain penetrates deep into remote agricultural regions where they procure commodities from smallholder farmers through their strategically located centres.