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Primary staff undergo training from qualified Occupational Therapist

The primary staff have undergone training from qualified Occupational Therapist and Ex-Chengelo student - Jenni Duncan-Anderson

They learned about child development, through the ‘Pyramid of Learning’ and the importance of supporting children’s physical and sensory development to maximise their academic learning and success at school.

Jenni also introduced them to sensory integration and the sensory processing needs of children.

All primary teachers have learned new information and are ready to try new strategies in the classroom to help meet our children’s development and sensory needs. Thank you Jenni.

Jenni can be contacted through her Instagram page The Zambian OT, or by email at

+260 979 999991, +260 979 999992
Primary staff undergo training from qualified Occupational Therapist
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Founded in 1988, Chengelo is a highly reputable co-educational Christian boarding school. It prepares primary, secondary and sixth form students for the University of Cambridge International GCSE and A-Level exams. The campus has exceptional sporting facilities and an outdoor centre called Ndubaluba, where experiential learning teaches key life lessons through exciting outdoor activities. With a strong focus on discipline in a loving and caring environment, the school also runs extra curricular activities, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and leadership training.