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Feed with high nutritional value

In order to help livestock farmers thrive, Vamara, under its subsidiary Supra Nutrition, manufactures a wide selection of stock feeds for chickens and pigs. Stock feed with a well balanced nutritional composition plays a vital role in the health and welfare of livestock. This helps ensure they grow to their full potential and sell at an optimal price, for the benefit of the farmer.

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Feed with high nutritional value
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A fast moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) company with a vision to become one of the leading branded consumer product businesses in Africa and selected international markets. In Zambia, Vamara Group offers a wide selection of products under its subsidiary companies. Its brand portfolio caters for shoppers and customers looking for a quality yet affordable product range within various categories. Vamara’s primary customers include retail chains, independents, wholesalers, institutions, commercial operators and distributors.