New and used law books available for online purchase

Order online a wide range of new and used law books from Maijoja Lawbook Sellers & Bookbinders’ marketplace here or from their company website. Maijoja is passionate about exceeding your expectations in terms of customer service as well as prompt local and international delivery. If you have law books you want to sell, Maijoja can also buy from you as long as your books meet their standards.

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New and used law books available for online purchase
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Maijoja Lawbooks Sellers & Bookbinders is specialised in buying and selling law books such as Harvard Law Review, The Reports (Kings Bench, Queen’s Bench …), Encyclopedia of Forms & Precedents and Zambian Law Reports. This book shop also sells law text books like Phipson on Evidence, Bullen & Leak, Chitty on Contract and more. Maijoja Lawbooks Sellers & Bookbinders crafts hand-bound books of immaculate quality to your own specification in leather, imitation leather and other finishes. This company also carries out valuations of law libraries for insurance and sale purposes.