Galaya Solutions Ltd
Galaya Solutions Ltd
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3 months ago

Suppliers and installers of access control systems

For office complexes, universities, hospitals, retirement homes, clubs, hotel rooms, sports facilities, cruise ships, dockyards – whatever your facility, Galaya’s access solutions help you restrict entry to authorised people only. And not just premises; they help you manage access to PCs, office assets, lockers and car parks, too. Galaya Solutions adapt to your specific requirements and can include special COVID-19 prevention measures.

  • Biometric readers with time and attendance
  • Card and pin readers
  • Modern magnetic locks and door closers
  • Report generation

Galaya’s access control solutions can also be coupled with alarm systems and motion sensors, allowing further security enhancements.

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Suppliers and installers of access control systems
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Galaya Solutions Ltd
Telecoms and security systems
A company specialised in ICT and IT, security systems, power and electrical installations, instrumentation, general mechanical pumps for process plants and more. Galaya Solutions has established key strategic collaborations with a number of major supply firms for cost benefit purposes and to ensure authentic OEM equipment, accessories and replacement parts are offered. This company prides itself in supplying its customers quality products at affordable prices. Galaya’s philosophy is 'to save you money and improve your productivity'.