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about 2 months ago

Get unique palisade fencing

Palisade Fencing is Manufactured by with unique new Fishtail Design available now. Palisade fencing is produced by Zambezi Steel in three different designs: flat top, 3 spikes, and 7 spikes.

Concave and convex panels are also made by the company. Customers are given the option to select any height and breadth for a pocket-friendly, aesthetically beautiful, and incredibly effective security barrier.

Get unique palisade fencing
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Since 2006, Zambezi Steel has been supplying quality steel and allied products in bulk, wholesale and retail as well as becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of LSF – Light Steel Frames®™, Ndjovu Door Frames®™, Palisade Fencing, ZEE Thru Transparent Security®™, Zambezi Tiger Spike®™ and the highest quality Chromadek Roofing Sheets. The company can cater for projects that require duty or VAT free imports of raw materials.