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Improve your diet with Dhowe's gluten-free flours

Dhow’s gluten-free flours are incredible and could be implemented in any diet lifestyle whether gluten-free or not. They are very high in resistant starch fibre and can be incredibly beneficial for those struggling with high blood sugar. Gluten can often be high in starch or sugars and can spike up blood sugar levels, however the low carb, high fibre content in our gluten-free range slow down the absorption of sugars into the blood stream, thus managing blood sugar.

Surely most of you know what ‘gluten-free’ really means because its pretty much self explanatory. But, for those who are new to the term, it refers to “a diet that is excludes all and any foods that contain gluten- a protein found in wheat and several other grains”

So, to go or not to go gluten-free?

Well, both have their pros & cons. There are equally good reasons not to go gluten free if you don’t have to.

However more often than not, people take on a gluten free lifestyle due to medical conditions like autoimmune diseases or other sensitivities in the gut.

Finding a balance between gluten and gluten can be beneficial. Experts advise not give up gluten because you think it’s a healthier choice, unless you have to go gluten free for a particular medical condition.

Improve your diet with Dhowe's gluten-free flours
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Dhow Nature Foods is an East African inspired health food brand that believes in bringing to consumers the purest raw form of organic super-foods, herbal supplements, spices and flours as well as powdered beverages. The company is also a supplier of the Wild Plains Foods range of products. Pure as nature intended it to be, Dhow Nature Foods’ product range has no additives, fillers or bulking agents. They are either sourced from forests, or farmed sustainably to strict standards. Retailers and individuals who wish to buy in bulk can purchase at wholesale prices. All products are 100% organic and certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS).