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Espeka Zambia
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Steel Fabrication Services

Espeka Zambia Steel Fabrication

•High Quality

•Affordable Price

•Offer latest and Modern design of any kind of Fabrication and Installation of Stainless Steel Railings

•Free Quotation

Visit us at 11871 Chandwe Musonda Rd, Lusaka. 096 6574848

Or 11, 11th St, N/West, Kitwe. 0966 574888

Steel Fabrication Services
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Espeka Zambia
Construction and engineering services
Metal fabrication - domestic and commercial
Security systems
Established in 2008, Espeka Zambia specialises in the general fabrication of aluminium doors and windows as well as steel fabrication of various designs and finishes. This company also supplies and installs quality retractable doors, roller shutters, garage doors, and electric fencing for commercial and residential projects. The company has a well trained and experienced team with the appropriate skills and expertise in their respective fields. Espeka Zambia products serve both domestic and industrial purposes.