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Majoru Investments Ltd
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Quality meats are found here

Some of the many products that are produced by Majoru include a variety of hams, bacon, polonies, fresh and smoked sausages, cured and smoked delicatessen, and pate`s. With a strong emphasis on quality, starting from the procurement of animals from local farmers that raise livestock in a natural free-range environment, Majoru is able to provide a wide variety of premium beef, chicken and lamb products. Majoru's experienced team is committed to ensuring customers receive the best quality meat products.

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Quality meats are found here
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Majoru Investments Ltd
Processing & Distribution
Majoru Investments produce and distribute superior quality meat and meat products with an assortment that is sure to suit your every taste - from fresh, smoked, dry and cured meat, ham, bacon, polony, sausage and more, all succulent, tender and full of flavor. With over 30 years’ experience, the company places great emphasis on the procurement of 100% Zambian animals from farmers who rear livestock in a healthy, sustainable and organic environment. A range of their products are available at Spar Cross Roads, Spar Arcades and Spar Twin Palm. Alternatively, you can visit their farm in Makeni.