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Connect to your VoIP PBX system from smart devices and computers

Linkus App

Skywave Technologies offers this application that can be installed on smart devices and computers to allow them to connect to the VoIP PBX and provides all the features available on office phones. It works via the internet and can connect users from anywhere in the world if they have internet access. This means that users from another town or city can be connected and can use the same PBX system as at the office. It is a solution which does not require the purchase of another PBX system. It is a perfect solution for working remotely (from home or on the move).

With the Linkus App, you will never miss a call when working away from the office. And it helps reduce mobile voice charges with VoIP phone calls made through the company PBX.

Having the Linkus App means:

  • Bringing your extension home! Your office extension follows you wherever you go, mobile workers benefit from it the most as they benefit from one number which keeps their mobile numbers private and gives them access to enterprise and personal contacts instantly.
  • Make and receive business calls
  • Can make conference calls with as many as 8 people
  • Can check voicemails and recordings
  • Maintains your business identity


  • Instant messaging system – when you cannot talk, you can start a personal or group chat with anyone in your extension lists which enable you to have an instant sharing of ideas, pictures or files
  • Corporate directory and external company/personal contacts
  • Coloured presence status indicator - Enables one to see whether your colleague is available immediately
  • Easy to manage and dial your external contacts that are synced across your PBX, Linkus desktop/Mobile client and IP Phone.
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Connect to your VoIP PBX system from smart devices and computers
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