Fuel Systems
Fuel Systems
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Pump and calibration servicing and maintenance

For the fluid handling requirements of their clients, Fuel Systems offers technical maintenance and consulting. Through pump and calibration servicing, service level agreements, and support for both preventive and corrective maintenance, the company provides dedicated customer care and post-sale technical support.

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Pump and calibration servicing and maintenance
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Fuel Systems
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Fuel Systems supplies quality fluid-handling products and accessories for industrial and commercial use, specialising in equipment for the petroleum oil marketing sector. Their comprehensive range includes bulk meters, tanks, pumps, dispensers, fittings and hoses. Fuel Systems also supplies a wide selection of water pumps and accessories for domestic and commercial use. This company offers technical support including pump and calibration servicing and preventive and corrective maintenance. It has servicing call centres in Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Choma.