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Electric water heater

Since its inception, Africab has grown to offer its customers an extensive range of products. The company is known for its personal touch, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. Their customer service team is ready to help with orders, answering your questions as thoroughly and promptly as possible.

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Electric water heater
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Africab is a leading manufacturer of wires and cables, transformers, PVC conduit pipes and PVC trunking, line hardware and insulators, low and medium voltage products, lighting, water heaters, water pumps, air compressors, welding machines, motors, metering products and surveying products. The company also supplies a variety of refrigerant gas for air conditioning and refrigeration. With its quality control programmes, Africab continually renews its commitment to ensure reliable quality at a competitive price. This company is ISO 9001 certified as well as Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) approved.